Funny Videos 2019 – Try Not To Laugh At Funny Fails – Some Mates You Can't Take Anywhere
Video De Caidas Graciosas

Funny Videos 2019 – Try Not To Laugh At Funny Fails – Some Mates You Can’t Take Anywhere
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Enjoy these #funnyfails and #funnyvideo of people who fail on both! Funny Weird People has the most epic library for #fails clips and we’ve put together a list that will make you laugh 😆. Comment below with which fails made you LOL the most!

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"18" Comments
  1. Magical Frijoles

    Watching all this garbage to get to the chick with the perfect legs and ass in the thumbnail.

  2. The one that said “that’s my brother” “that’s me big big brother” got me so good!🤣

  3. 5:20 par-contre sa, sa ne m'a pas fait rire du tout !
    Sa ne se fait pas !

  4. Zane Yin Yang Wolf

    I love ❤️ it!! I laughed the whole time lol 😂

  5. Dumb vid. Not even funny

  6. Horse smile lelly2212

    Ya not funny

  7. Horse smile lelly2212

    ummm this is complte wired

  8. Not funny

  9. 5:33 killed me lol



  11. how is it funny?

  12. scarlett Franklin

    These aren’t even funny

  13. waaah whites cant make jokes

  14. change the title to weird stupid people.

  15. Procoolreterguys Channel!!

    Ha ha ha

  16. Nicholas Anastasiadis


  17. Idk what to say…

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