GTA 5 Parkour Fails Episode 2
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GTA 5 Parkour Fails Episode 2

Welcome to the world famous GTA 5 Parkour Fails. This episode shows Franklin practicing parkour off of various buildings around Los Santos. He is not very good, as you can see in the video. Maybe he will get better in later episodes.

Enjoy the video, and remember.. Swixtor is the name. Flexin is the game.
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  1. see you later

  2. step free bard

  3. ı m in turkey

  4. 8:28 if franklin would have sat on the roof it would have been perfect

  5. 4:00 when you try Michael Jackson's moon walk

  6. Chrstiano Figueiredo

    9:38 when he just wants to dance for the last time in the air

  7. Chrstiano Figueiredo

    9:00 when you fall for someone and they just throw you out of their lives

  8. foeamougou achille

    5:11. he screamed as in ICE AGE (2002)

  9. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  10. Eso no es feil y además y además porque hacen parkour no se lastiman tanto ni rebotan hasta el cielo

  11. Like si tu cuando jueguas GTA5 ases eso por beses

  12. not is fany

  13. 8:25 man that looked like it hurt

  14. 3:02 man fazes through barbed wire.

  15. 1:07
    What are you doing franklin?

  16. 3:28 harry potter the back franklin

  17. (Franklins mind) SEND HELP DOG😵😫

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