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  1. This One is One of My Favorite Pranks Ever I Love This One at 42:22

  2. I Love The People in The Background of This Video at 36:32 it's Just Something To See When The People Who Are Not Getting Prank Sees The Prank Go Down in The Background

  3. Dat gag wasnt really appreciated

  4. 13.38minute make me cry

  5. Best comedy episodes in the world

  6. Like like like😂🤘👍❤

  7. 😂😆😅😎😆😆😆😆😆😊 super hillarious, mellow greetings from The United States of America.

  8. brilliant, GOOD …

  9. киса мур-мур


  10. The boys who pee in the jug will be killed.

  11. Hola, cómo puedo conseguir los derechos de transmisión de estos videos en circuito cerrado? muchas gracias

  12. so funny

  13. chương trình hay quá các bạn nước ngoài.

  14. MATUMOTOカイナ

    アイアム ゲイ 笑

  15. LooL.. 😂

  16. Giorgi Kobakhidze


  17. Damn, canadians people are so nice and cute!!! I love them!

  18. Baghdadi Brahim


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