Risas con La Piñata (10-04-14)
Video De Risas

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  1. Yasmin!! i love your videos i live in Oceano, Santa Maria is about 30 mins from where i live, I got married last year September 27th 2014 and i rented my manteles from Casa Blanca they're great, they had the perfect lace overlay i was looking for! ! you should come visit Pismo Beach and Avila Beach, you'll love it! I am a huge fan, I am from Cueramaro Guanajuato so whenever i hear a coincidence i freak out! it's a small world!

  2. Claudia L Castillo

    Ah….the place you went for your mantels, I've been there!!!.. That is crazy:)

  3. Claudia L Castillo

    I'm from Santa Maria!, I love your videos!!!!

  4. Love your vlogs!! And love ur makeup

  5. Liliaa Angelicaa

    Love your makeup !! 👌👌👌

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