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The Barbie Jeep racing at Rednecks with Paychecks is easily the most energetic, crowd pumping event they feature each time. It’s literally standing room only for as far as you can see. Competitors bring their PowerWheels style vehicles to race them down the hill as rapidly as possible. The racer with the fastest time is the winner. In this race, there was a tie breaker for 3rd, so the two racers had to race back UP the hill with their vehicle to lay claim to the 3rd place position.

Rednecks with Paychecks – 9/5-6/2015, hosted in Saint Jo, TX

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  1. Try 8 seconds on a bull….. Or .. This will do.

  2. Fernando Velásquez


  3. Jajaja

  4. 12 beer's, 2 concussions, 1 pretty entertaining video.

  5. If you like that, check out

  6. Ayoob abraham bolma


  7. Finally the cheap plastic cars are of some use 🤣

  8. add TuneableTulip56 lel

    If i put offroad wheels at my sport car my car will be offroad? 🤣 I think no

  9. Cars Gaming Random

    1:19 mans a whole ballerina at the end

  10. The Vile Vortices

    This is the greatest sport ever created. I'm in the UK, but me and my mate are coming over as I SO need to watch one of these and soak up this atmosphere 😀👍

  11. Johnny Sportcoat

    And the air smells of cheap booze 🥃 and incest lol

  12. Stonedallday Jedi

    Where do I sign up?

  13. Alejandro Rincón

    This is more dangerous than F1

  14. Lindsey-Shanell

    Good ole Coronavirus quarantine brought me here & ice cold beer

  15. bautista hernandez06


  16. Green shirt cracks me up every time.

  17. if a woman falls, surely that helps a lot 😄😄😄 …

  18. if a woman falls, surely that helps a lot 😄😄😄 …

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