[SFM] Infectious Stupidity
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The Infected try to stop the survivors from reaching the safehouse.
Music is in the Credits.
I decided to make a Left 4 Dead SFM for a change. This was quite fun to animate and I hope you all enjoy it.
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  1. человек паук фильмы


  2. MORTAL LIGHT Officiel

    R.i.p hunter 1995-2014

  3. 1:50 boomer : Weeeeeee weeeee we.
    Smoker and boomer : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. 2:05 a fat guy strangling a zombie

  5. 2:01 r.i.p. tangler and boomer

  6. 1:11 i noticed that the charger is a SOUTHERN CONTRY BOI

  7. Rolindo Caidas Fanfics y Gameplays

    Song…minute 0:38??


    Like si ablas español y estas como pendejo tratando de emtender gringonesco

  9. At the end it’s were safe… for now…

  10. snek version left 4 dead 2:18

  11. Rosa Gutierrez Quispe

    2:04 When you see your girlfriend with other

  12. Rosa Gutierrez Quispe

    Don't worry
    Ellis and Coach respawn in the refuge

  13. zachary firestone

    Of course the black man dies first

  14. The black wyvern Narugacuga

    In the memory of
    smoker:(Ironically strangled by boomer) that cracks me everytime

  15. Вася Фермер

    Аффтар этого гавнищща далбайёб

  16. fortnite angelorabbit

    Ending in mall was not escaped. Car is

  17. I remember when people used to make Gmod video's like this, which had no purpose at all but were amazing. I miss those video's.

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