Skate 3 Fails ep.1
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  1. Kam and Khloe and Jae Show

    0:42 owwwww

  2. Wait no bones crushed?!!!!

  3. 0:47 when you think your Spider-Man

  4. Elias Hernandez Matuz


  5. Adriana saldana da silva Saldana

    Muito perigoso

  6. 5:41 "Ooooh!… Dah.."

  7. lads, skate 4 is confirmed.
    that is all



  9. 3:08 me making the market and my brother in cause of corona virus :the chapter 3 of fortnite

  10. Abanguki Dg tompo


  11. 0:07, oof. That's gonna leave a mark

  12. 1:57 my father when drunk and try to go bed

    Edit: sorry bad English im Indonesian

  13. Ouch .and can you please see the broken bones please thank you

  14. Ibrahim Saavedra Badillo


  15. Kaio Vitor neves azevedo

    That' really sad 😔 f…

  16. Tómas Valur Þór Bjarkason

    Me when I tried to grind a handrail for the first time 😂😂🤣🤣

  17. 0:17 instant karma

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